we are brother hubbard

we are a small, owner-run, independent café on dublin’s capel street (153 Capel St, Dublin 1 – a map is always useful if you’re lost).

we are open monday to friday, 8 – 5.30, and 10 – 5 on saturdays and sundays (we do all day brunch on both saturdays and sundays)

our focus is to do a good job, serving people simple, good food and drinks that they can enjoy, and that we can enjoy making and serving.

our menu is simple and small – so we can try and make things the best they can be.

we serve 3fe coffee, double-shot as standard (so your coffee always tastes like coffee) and a selection of wall & keogh teas – we also make our own homemade drinks (orange & lemon water / raspberry, apple & rose).

in the morning, we have a selection of baked goods for you to choose from – made fresh early in  morning by us, in addition to a simple breakfast menu.

at lunchtime, we put our selection of salads, sandwiches, soup and other items out on the counter. everything is fresh and made by us.

in the afternoon, there are more of our baked treats for you to choose.

coming over the next few months will be a constantly evolving menu, a really interesting courtyard space, where we will be putting in a 100% edible garden and we will also be opening in the evening times and hoping to host a few interesting events. we are also working on a bigger, better website!

some people have been kind enough to review brother hubbard – please see our media & reviews section of the website for links to these reviews/articles!