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The Real World Cup – A Cup that truly matters to everyone….

Hi folks,

So there has been so much attention lately on eco-minded approaches in businesses (a fantastic development!), we thought we would communicate with you folks about all of the steps we try to take to help us be greener and more environmentally friendly.

1.     For five long years now, we’ve been offering a 20c discount on KeepCups when they are used by our customers for take away coffees. When we first started this, we got many of our regulars converted to using KeepCups. However, we’ve noticed in the past year in particular that there has been a very, very substantial growth in KeepCup usage – which we are really delighted about. We are also delighted to see many other cafes finally embrace this positive policy also!

Furthermore, we treat customers to their first coffee for free when they buy one of our Keepcups!

2.     We’ve also banned the use of plastic straws in the café – again, this is something that we are seeing more and more businesses address recently.

3.     Since day one, the vast majority of our take away items (disposables) have been compostable - or where they aren’t, recyclable/made of recycled materials, with just one or two exceptions (which we are looking to address as soon as possible). This includes all of our “disposable” coffee cups and lids, soup pots, salad boxes, our wooden knives and forks, our cornstarch spoons, etc.


4.     Furthermore, we feel it is not enough to simply use compostable/recyclable items – to the extent possible, needless consumption should be avoided. People tend to forget that even if something is compostable/recyclable, it still takes incredible amounts of energy (often from carbon-producing sources) as well as carbon-producing transportation, to produce and distribute (and dispose of, even if done so sensibly) these single-use items.


5.     For the above reason, each and every customer for take away is always asked by us if they need cutlery or if they need a bag – we are happy to provide them if they are necessary, but we encourage people to avoid using them wherever possible. Most people are returning to their offices that are well-stocked with plates, spoons, cutlery, etc.

6.     When someone can easily carry something in their hands (rather than using a bag), we encourage it also in order to avoid using a bag. Too often, people automatically grab cutlery, napkins or a bag when they can be absolutely unnecessary.

7.     In addition to the above measures, we ensure that all of our own organic waste is sent for composting.

8.     Furthermore, the packaging that our produce/deliveries we receive are returned to our suppliers for recycling. We are encouraging our suppliers to use less and less delivery packaging wherever they can.

9.     We only sell our own filtered still and sparkling water for sit-in customers to avoid unnecessary use of bottles (be they glass or plastic).

10.  We also have switched to serving only draft beer (Irish craft beer from Eight Degrees Brewery) to avoid the unnecessary use of glass bottles – again, think of the energy that goes in to production, transportation, recycling of all that glass!

11.  We even have our own greenhouse on our roof where we use some of our coffee grinds. This is where we are beginning to a small selection of our own herbs (and some vegetables) for use in some of our dishes.

12.  We aim to keep our menu seasonal in order to help us in ensure that we are reducing our environmental impact.


As proud as we are of all of the above steps, there is still a long road ahead and we need to be relentless in taking steps (some big, some small) in the right direction. And we all need to do it together – we as a business, but also by encouraging the right kind of behaviour with our customers.

On that basis, we are delighted to announce our newest incentive for the right kind of behaviour!

As mentioned above, most of our take away items are compostable. However, people tend to forget that for the right outcome to be achieved, those materials actually need to end up in a compost bin!

It seems to be a very common misconception that they can simply be put in “the recycling”. However, they absolutely do need to be treated differently and correctly handled, in order to achieve the right outcome!

So, to help people on the right path, we will now happily accept back any of our compostable items that are returned to us and ensure they are disposed of correctly (ending up ultimately as plant-and-earth-nourishing compost!). To incentivise this, we are trialling a scheme whereby we will give people a 15c discount off a purchase for take away when they are returning compostable items, starting from Monday 23rd July in both cafes.

We had been in touch recently with the lovely people at Recycling List Ireland to talk to them about this issue – they’ve just released some further useful information ( )!

We will always work hard to make improvements and differences in what we do – it’s better for us, better for you and better for our world.  This will be an on-going journey, made sometimes of giant leaps but, more often, important little steps that count for so much. Thanks for your support and we’d be delighted if you can spread the word and encourage the right kinds of behaviour in your own workplaces, other businesses you give your custom to, and your colleagues, family, friends and neighbours.


We’ve come across this wonderful website: which has lots and lots of really useful information to help clarify the dos/don’ts of recycling/composting.

Other really useful and interesting information can be found at:


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