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We were thrilled to have been reviewed by the Irish Times recently – we sincerely never expected such attention! But we were delighted with what was written. It was a very considered and honest review of the reviewer’s experience with us.

Ottolenghi is perhaps the chef we most respect –  we have followed him for years and years (Garrett even spent 4 months touring the Middle East to learn more about the culture and food tradition that is the backdrop to Ottlenghi’s cooking). So, for the reviewer to say that Brother Hubbard reminded her of Ottolenghi was just an absolute thrill and honour and perhaps praise higher than we ever could have hoped for.

To celebrate the Irish Times review, we are having a morning offer in the cafe so pop by to check that out. And check us out.

As for the mention of queues at lunchtime, we hope people won’t be waiting as long as we now have our outdoor seating installed (as designed and made by Designgoat – who, again, have done a great job working with us to make the cafe, we hope, a very interesting and feel-good space). Work is now beginning on turning the outdoor area into a fully edible space – we are going to have lots of vegetation growing out there, each of which will be an ingredient.

Now, one controversial thing we are considering is making the space non-smoking. We feel that, as we are a cafe (and not a pub), where people come to eat, it is unfair to have our somewhat enclosed courtyard a smoking zone. We feel that is fairest for all. However, we would really appreciate any thoughts anyone has on this – we know some will feel very strongly one way or the other, but it would be great to get a sense what people think. So, please let us know.

Thanks for reading and please send us your thoughts on the burning issue….

Garrett & James

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