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Pleased to "no-meat" you: the evolution of our vegan & vegetarian menu

Hello folks! We’ve learnt a lot over the past several years about what people want - and expect - from a café/restaurant, and what they are looking for as a point of interest and difference.

One of the things we’ve always strived for is providing an exciting and ever-evolving menu, often steering clear of the classics that are so commonplace. This makes things a lot more fun for us and, we think, also for our customers. One of the main reasons we are working in food is because of the possibilities it presents – the adventures we can have with ingredients and recipes!

One of the things we love most about the Middle Eastern influence on our food is how it is such a fresh, healthy cuisine where vegetables, herbs, pulses and grains share the centre-stage and have at least equal billing to their meaty neighbours. Our menus are designed that you get up from the table with a spring in your step – food that is tasty but also nourishing and enriching – you will feel better. A big element of that is ensuring people have a mixed diet, with a strong emphasis on vegetables and pulses, with a focus on purity and vitality.

Hence, we often describe our menus as being “deceptively vegetarian”.  By that, we mean we often think of a dish first as a vegetarian offering, and then see how we may or may not incorporate a meat component.

But we don’t present ourselves as a vegetarian venue exclusively. We want people to choose a dish because it appeals to them and therefore, so often, a devout meat-eater will find themselves unwittingly ordering a feast of vegetarian food – because it is appealing and hopefully delicious. That same meat-eater may not have even glanced at the vegetarian section of a menu had we presented those dishes separately, categorised and isolated. Vegetarian dishes are so often an afterthought, neglected, overlooked and unexciting. However, we’ve always strived to make them front and centre!

All of this has brought us to an important realisation – we need to think not just more about our vegetarian offering but also how we can provide more of a vegan offering. It’s actually simple way of not killing two birds with the one stone!  We tested this recently in two ways:

·      presenting a variation of one of our most popular dishes as vegan – we saw a huge response to this – oftentimes by non-vegan customers, which was a very curious insight for us

·      providing a vegan menu for a recent supperclub (with another one planned for June, which is already sold out) – again, we saw a huge response to this and they have been greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm.

So, we decided to see what else we can do to incorporate more of a vegan element to our menus!

Not only did it seem like the right thing to do for so many of our customers, but we welcome rules and restrictions when it comes to creating our menus – ironically, such restrictions propel creativity and we love nothing better than challenge! Furthermore, it is a more sustainable, and dare we say ethical approach to creating a menu (and these are factors we are going to focus on more and more over the coming months – we will be making further announcements regarding this in due course so stay tuned!).

So, we are delighted and proud that we can now present you with our new evening menu which is over 50% vegan (and therefore vegetarian). We’ve presented those dishes nicely nestled in between some of our meaty offerings. We still love meat, but it has its place and our vegan options are no less loved than their meaty neighbours.

We’ve even gone out and sourced some vegan wines – we will be adding to this over the coming months.

Incidentally, we’ve also realised that, quite naturally and unexpectedly, we can provide about 90% of our evening menu as gluten free. That both surprised and delighted us – and, again, knowing from our experience of what our lovely customers are seeking, we feel that this will also be of interest to many of you!

We’ve also overhauled certain dishes on our daytime menu to make them more vegan friendly. Our soups are vegan about 90% of the time (or can be served vegan, skipping a yogurt based dressing). The same can be said for our salads and several other of our daytime dishes.

Thank you for reading the above. Check out our menus and please tell all of your friends – vegan, vegetarian and otherwise!

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