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Christmas Shopping Made Easy at Brother Hubbard

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So folks, “that” time of year is nearly upon us! Our team of elves here at Brother Hubbard have been busying themselves for quite some time now getting ready to help make your gift shopping easier again this year.

We’ve lots on offer for you from which to choose. You can buy a whole selection of our products from our shelves in either Brother Hubbard North or Brother Hubbard South. Choose from our cookbook, our homemade preserves, our special ingredients, our teas and our coffees and so much more! Or go for one of our gift selection offerings - we’ve special gift packs and hampers to suit all sorts of budgets. 

And we’ve even more of our special homemade hot chocolate packs for you this year - it was our number one seller last year (along with our cookbook), particular idea for your office Kris Kindle.

And, finally, you can also buy a voucher online (which can be printed off or emailed) which is valid for either location for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or retail!

See our brochure below for all of our gift options.

So pop in and have a browse. We can also take hamper orders via email ( or on the phone (01 - 44 11 112). 




Christmas Breakfasty-Brunch

Hi folks! We are delighted to have had such a great reaction to our Christmas Lunch and Dinner Party offering this year (see here). We’ve also had a lot of requests for people wanting something a little bit different. With that in mind, we’ve put together a Christmas Breakfasty-Brunch Party menu which will be available Monday-Friday mornings in December. For groups of 10 or more, we can also over a separate private dining area! 

Please take a look at our offering below and if you would like any further details, or to make a reservation, please contact Tita at or on 01 44 11 112.



Competition Time!

Announcing the launch of our new evening menu, available from the delightfully early start of 5pm Tuesday to Saturday!   To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with the good folks at the Gate Theatre to give away two tickets for their incredible new play “Tribes” plus dinner for two, chez nous.

Clever, beautiful and sharply funny, TRIBES is the second production in THE OUTSIDER, Selina Cartmell’s inaugural season as Artistic Director of the Gate Theatre.

Following the success of The Great Gatsby, the seats are back in the theatre for TRIBES, but the youthful energy of that show is still very much in evidence. Directed by Oonagh Murphy, one of Ireland’s brightest directing talents, with a stellar cast including Nick Dunning and Fiona Bell alongside actors performing on the Gate stage for the first time; Claire Dunne, Gavin Drea, Alex Nowak and Grainne Keenan, this This award-winning play is proving to be a huge hit with audiences.  

Sunday Times *****

Sunday Business Post *****

Sunday Independent *****

Irish Times ****

The Examiner ****

Irish Mail on Sunday ****

Tribes is that rarest of beasts, a play driven by sophisticated ideas that also hits home on a gut emotional level. Sunday Business Post

A commanding and absorbing production. The Irish Times


Nina Raine's 2010 play shines like a beacon of first-rate writing for the stage. This is a brilliant and funny play getting a fine-tuned outing, perfect for an audience seeking a theatrical mirror for the here and now. Not to be missed. - Irish Independent.


A play of craft, intelligence and witThe Examiner


Hilarious and heartbreaking… Tribes is unmissable. 2Paragraphs

To be in with a chance to win a pair of tickets, plus pre-show dinner for two at Brother Hubbard North and a bottle of wine on Thursday 9th November, just tweet or post on Instagram/Facebook with the hashtag #DinnerAtBroHub

The winner will be announced on Tuesday 7th November at 5pm.

Tribes at Gate Theatre

Expansion! Our Shiny New Space

Hi folks, 

We just thought we would update you all on our new addition to the family! Recently we opened the doors to our new premises on Capel St right beside the original Brother Hubbard. 

Now, first of all, a lot of you were worried we were saying goodbye to original space! We say, not in a million years (or at least until our lease is up in a few decades time!). We will always cherish the space – and we’ve actually improved it! Given all the extra room we now have next door, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of seating in the original venue so it feels a little more spacious whilst also retaining its cosiness. What’s more is that we’ve replaced our famous/infamous stools with nice high-backed chairs – we know some of you really wanted this. 

The new space has allowed for a much more streamlined service for take-away from Little Brother. And we’ve now got lots of seating, having almost doubled our seating capacity with the new space. We can more easily accommodate groups, families (we’ve got more high chairs AND baby-changing facilities). We’ve also got a new outdoor seating area which has a lot of vegetation growing there (the rule is it must all be edible!) – again, we’ve made this a non-smoking area in the best interests of all of our customers.  

Garden Terrace

The new premises has also given us a much bigger kitchen, which means we’ve a lot more space to produce some of the dishes we’ve been aching to do for a long, long time now. We are making a lot more of our own bread, we’ve expanded our cake range and we’ve added to our brunch and lunch menus. New favourites include our savoury merguez sausage rolls for take away, our new butter bean & ham hock bowl, our new pancakes and bircher mueslis. We’ve also revisited some of our old classics and brought back an old favourite: our Moroccan Zalouk. 

And if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve added a whole new middle-eastern styled flatbread menu to sit alongside our existing Middle East Feast menu. And now there’s beer available too along with our short-but-focussed wine list! 

We’re incredibly proud of our team and all their hard work getting us over the line. And the encouragement and support from our lovely customers has really meant so much to us. It has been a huge adjustment for us and there have been a few teething issues, as there always will be. But we’ve worked hard and we will always do our best for our customers and our team. 


We hope that we can welcome you soon.  

Garrett & James, and all the team at Brother Hubbard

Christmas at Brother Hubbard

We are delighted to offer to host your special festive event at Brother Hubbard! We’ve a range of options to suit budgets, time of day, group size and preference.

We are thrilled to be hosting Christmas events in our exciting new space on Capel Street (launching October 2017) - as well as overall increased seating, we are able to offer two large areas for private dining for your group (depending on the size of your group) as well as hosting smaller groups in our main dining area.

We are proud to have been listed as one of the Top 100 Places to Eat in Ireland each year for the past 4 years. Our menus are built around quality and value. They are also especially devised for sharing with our feast offering, which we feel makes for a far more special and convivial dining experience for a group! We cater exceptionally well for most dietary requirements: carnivores, vegetarians, vegans (as well as those with gluten and dairy intolerances).

We’re setting out in our brochure below the details for our two main festive offerings (our feasting menus, for lunch and for dinner). However, if you do have any particular requirements, please do not hesitate to let us know!

We are now taking bookings for festive events for November and December. Please email any enquiries to or contact us on 01-44 11 112.

We hope to welcome you and your group!





We are thrilled – and quite excited – to announce our Supper Club for July.

Taking the opportunity to go all out for the 4th July, we are going with an American-theme to proceedings! 

In particular, one of the aspects of cuisine from that part of the world that most excites us is the food of the Southern states.  It is a style of food that is full of joy, fun and variety, with all manner of interesting influences.

We will aim to deliver a tasty 5 course meal, starting off with some cocktails with wine and our homemade juices available on the night.

Please note that most of the seating will be long-table – we find this is the most fun to create a convivial atmosphere where everyone shares the evening together! We will have some tables of 2 available also so please specify your preference when booking.

As this is a set-menu supper which will include meat and fish dishes, we are unable to accommodate specific dietary requirements for this one evening (our regular menus specifically accommodate a number of dietary requirements so forgive us for this restriction for this special event).

So, (whilst necessarily disregarding the current state of affairs politically), let’s celebrate our western neighbours, culinarily-speaking!

The evening will kick off at 7pm sharp! 


Pleased to "no-meat" you: the evolution of our vegan & vegetarian menu

Hello folks! We’ve learnt a lot over the past several years about what people want - and expect - from a café/restaurant, and what they are looking for as a point of interest and difference.

One of the things we’ve always strived for is providing an exciting and ever-evolving menu, often steering clear of the classics that are so commonplace. This makes things a lot more fun for us and, we think, also for our customers. One of the main reasons we are working in food is because of the possibilities it presents – the adventures we can have with ingredients and recipes!

One of the things we love most about the Middle Eastern influence on our food is how it is such a fresh, healthy cuisine where vegetables, herbs, pulses and grains share the centre-stage and have at least equal billing to their meaty neighbours. Our menus are designed that you get up from the table with a spring in your step – food that is tasty but also nourishing and enriching – you will feel better. A big element of that is ensuring people have a mixed diet, with a strong emphasis on vegetables and pulses, with a focus on purity and vitality.

Hence, we often describe our menus as being “deceptively vegetarian”.  By that, we mean we often think of a dish first as a vegetarian offering, and then see how we may or may not incorporate a meat component.

But we don’t present ourselves as a vegetarian venue exclusively. We want people to choose a dish because it appeals to them and therefore, so often, a devout meat-eater will find themselves unwittingly ordering a feast of vegetarian food – because it is appealing and hopefully delicious. That same meat-eater may not have even glanced at the vegetarian section of a menu had we presented those dishes separately, categorised and isolated. Vegetarian dishes are so often an afterthought, neglected, overlooked and unexciting. However, we’ve always strived to make them front and centre!

All of this has brought us to an important realisation – we need to think not just more about our vegetarian offering but also how we can provide more of a vegan offering. It’s actually simple way of not killing two birds with the one stone!  We tested this recently in two ways:

·      presenting a variation of one of our most popular dishes as vegan – we saw a huge response to this – oftentimes by non-vegan customers, which was a very curious insight for us

·      providing a vegan menu for a recent supperclub (with another one planned for June, which is already sold out) – again, we saw a huge response to this and they have been greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm.

So, we decided to see what else we can do to incorporate more of a vegan element to our menus!

Not only did it seem like the right thing to do for so many of our customers, but we welcome rules and restrictions when it comes to creating our menus – ironically, such restrictions propel creativity and we love nothing better than challenge! Furthermore, it is a more sustainable, and dare we say ethical approach to creating a menu (and these are factors we are going to focus on more and more over the coming months – we will be making further announcements regarding this in due course so stay tuned!).

So, we are delighted and proud that we can now present you with our new evening menu which is over 50% vegan (and therefore vegetarian). We’ve presented those dishes nicely nestled in between some of our meaty offerings. We still love meat, but it has its place and our vegan options are no less loved than their meaty neighbours.

We’ve even gone out and sourced some vegan wines – we will be adding to this over the coming months.

Incidentally, we’ve also realised that, quite naturally and unexpectedly, we can provide about 90% of our evening menu as gluten free. That both surprised and delighted us – and, again, knowing from our experience of what our lovely customers are seeking, we feel that this will also be of interest to many of you!

We’ve also overhauled certain dishes on our daytime menu to make them more vegan friendly. Our soups are vegan about 90% of the time (or can be served vegan, skipping a yogurt based dressing). The same can be said for our salads and several other of our daytime dishes.

Thank you for reading the above. Check out our menus and please tell all of your friends – vegan, vegetarian and otherwise!

Ballymaloe Litfest & Meeting Our Hero: Claudia Roden

We were honoured and delighted to be invited to participate in Ballymaloe LitFest last weekend. It was such an amazing weekend – to be surrounded by so many wonderful people connected to the food industry, inspired by some many thoughts, ideas and discussion.

We hosted our own event to tell our story, and we were thrilled that so many people took an interest in our story and our cookbook. We also participated in a very interesting panel discussion about the business side of food.

However, it is fair to say, as thrilling as all of the above was, perhaps the most special moment (in a weekend filled with very special moments) was meeting one of our true food heroes, Claudia Roden!

Claudia has been an inspiration to us for so long now. It was in Melbourne, whilst sitting under a tree in a park on a sunny day, that I opened her seminal work “A New Book of Middle Eastern Food” for the first time. I had come across it in the amazing Books for Cooks bookshop and little did I know that that purchase would be so influential on the course of my life. 


That sunny day, I opened that book and started at the beginning (which is actually quite unusual for me when it comes to cookbooks – I more often than not tend to just dive and jump all around the chapters, soaking up ideas and concepts). But this book was special. And I read it like it was a novel. From beginning to end. Making notes in the margins, marvelling at the sense of the food but especially the sense of history and context for so many dishes and recipes described in the book.

On the back of that, I set a course for 4 months in the Middle East – setting out to discover the settings and further context behind all of the dishes and stories gathered together in that special book. That was a very special adventure to me – one that lives with me to this day as I am constantly going back to my notes and memories for inspiration for our menus. A few simple examples include our Chicken Fateh on our evening menu and our Beghrir Semolina Pancakes on our brunch menu.

That book is one I’ve revisited often. That very same book, with post-its and notes scattered throughout its pages, is one that I often lend out to a new chef joining our team. Because, to an extent, that’s where it began for me and it set me on my course. And its stories, its recipes and its author is what has been so influential on what we now do here in Brother Hubbard.

We actually mention Claudia quite a bit in our own cookbook and one particular recipe is based explicitly on a wonderful recipe from her book (our Coconut & Citrus Cake is inspired by her classic Almond & Orange Cake).

So, it was such a thrill and delight to be introduced to Claudia last weekend – and to thank her personally for her book and to tell her how important it was to me.

We managed to get a picture together with Claudia and Darina Allen (who is actually equally influential on my story and adventures with food – and that will be the subject of another blogpost in the near future!).

This was a very special experience to share and thank you for reading. And I would absolutely encourage you to read that book or any of her other books – it may mark the beginning of your very own adventure.


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