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How the year has flown by! And what a great year it has been! 

We’ve had been quite an unbelievable year in Brother Hubbard, North and South.  And we are so incredibly grateful for all of the support of our wonderful customers, day in and day out throughout a busy 12 months.

We’ve come on in leaps and bounds in our not-so-new-anymore space in Brother Hubbard North. We’ve hosted some great events and really had so much fun with our new space. We’ve made it super green and with the great summer, the terrace was in full swing and full bloom - we felt blessed. 

In both cafes, our menu continues to evolve and our adventures and explorations with wonderful cuisines continue. Our team of chefs have put a huge amount of love and effort into our new approach to our menus. Still very much bedded in the wonderful textures, colours and flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine, this year we used our weekly specials as a way of exploring other international delights. We went on culinary journeys to Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Germany, France, America and so many other areas, as well as visiting traditional Irish dishes more than once. This has been met with a fantastic reaction from our customers and we look forward to continuing those culinary escapades in the New Year. 

Our core menu continues to be focussed on healthy, fresh and vibrant food - substantially, but not exclusively, vegetarian (and often vegan too) - it is all designed to leave you feeling better, hopefully with a spring in your step when you get up from the table. We’ve some very exciting plans for early 2019 as regards some new directions to take our core menu.


We were thrilled to have been awarded Best Breakfast in Ireland by the Irish Independent newspaper - it was a real thrill and honour - and just a few weeks ago we were delighted to have been shortlisted for the Award for 2019! Thanks to everyone for their support in this regard - it is so greatly appreciated.

Our Middle East Feast dinner offering has grown from strength to strength and we have some exceptionally exciting plans for our dinner offering early next year (more on that in January!).  We also hosted a wonderful Irish Vegan Supper Club as well as some other great events - we are hoping to make the Supper Clubs more routine next year as, though we tried, it was a busy year and there wasn’t always room in our schedule to host more of these alas.

One of the biggest developments with the businesses last year was the introduction of Farmhand Coffee - a wonderful collaboration to help us source the best possible coffee. Farmhand roasts its coffee on site in the old Brother Hubbard premises on Capel St and, finally, for so many of you who have asked, next year will be launching retail bags of coffee for you to take home!! Our team of baristas are devoted to ensuring we serve these wonderful coffee beans in the best possible way - to always give you a great, interesting coffee experience with us.


One of the other big developments this year was the launch of our new shop and the dedicated take-away space in Brother Hubbard North. This has allowed us to sell lots more of our homemade products, our favourite ingredients as well as stock some wonderful artisan products. It has been met with a fantastic reaction and we are excited to collaborate with even more wonderful artisan producers next year. We also now have more food options for take-away than ever before - a menu full of variety to enjoy on the go!


James and I started Brother Hubbard at the very height of the recession almost 7 years ago - on a wing and a prayer, not knowing what to expect. The business has grown somewhat since then - from being able to seat 14 people with 4 on the team to today, having both cafes (North and South), our shop, take-away, our coffee roastery collaboration and a team of almost 70. 

We could not have imagined this journey - it has been very unexpected but also very organic for us. And, day after day, it remains exciting, intriguing and a great joy for us. But best of all is the privilege of working with some many wonderful people - from our exceptionally hard-working teams of kitchen porters, chefs, bakers, baristas and service staff to the wonderful, wonderful customers we welcome - so many new but also so many familiar faces we fondly welcome back so often. We remain grateful every time a customer walks through our doors. It means an awful lot to us - and we work hard, aiming to put in great care and focus to ensure our customers feel welcomed, cared for and appreciated. 

We’ve never said this publicly before but our mission statement, since day one has been simply put as:

To create Delight for our Customers and our Team.

This remains as true and as much a priority today as it did on day one, all those years ago. We believe that’s what’s allowed us to still be here and to grow. And it will always remain our priority. 

Thank you to our team, thank you to our customers and thank you to the community around us - our neighbours, suppliers and those who support us. We wish you each a wonderful, special Christmas and look forward to more adventures with you in 2019!


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you one and all!

Garrett and James.

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