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Hello everyone,

Just updating you all to tell you we have been nominated by some of our lovely customers for the best scone in Ireland award as run by Goodalls. We are thrilled to be on the shortlist and in such excellent company!

If you have the time, and if you like (or even, dare we say, love) our scones, then please vote – we would be immensely grateful! Here is the link to the  voting page: http://tiny.Cc/c4vjhw

Now, a little about our scones:

We make a very simple scone – we could do all sorts to a scone recipe but we tend to try and have very unfussy food where the simplicity allows the ingredients and freshness to shine. We generally bake our scones twice a day, so they are always super fresh. We have developed them so that they have a crunchy and sweet topping. And we serve them with our (now signature) orange blossom butter. We have a tendency to lean towards the Middle East for inspiration in our food. While we wanted to include the classic Irish scone in our menu, we did want to take it in an unusual direction to represent our style – hence, the happy marriage of Irish butter and orange blossom water, a classic middle eastern flavour (this recipe was dreamt up by garrett, sitting in a souk drinking tea and eating baklava (with orange blossom water) in Aleppo, Syria). Some people ask for jam and when they do, we serve them either our homemade raspberry and vanilla jam or our apple & clove jelly.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. And that voting link again, http://tiny.Cc/c4vjhw

Thanks for reading (and voting!!)

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